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Electronic Metal Halide

The lighting industry continues to develop new technologies that are more cost efficient, offer better operating efficiency and improved lighting characteristics. Electronic metal halide ballasts are the latest innovations in the evolution of High Intensity Discharge (HID) technology that deliver those benefits. Electronic metal halide ballasts offer many advantages over traditional metal halide "coil and core" ballasts. The biggest advantage of electronic metal halide ballast is the operating efficiency. Electronic metal halide ballast will reduce energy consumption up to 25% over traditional metal halide technologies. Secondly electronic metal halide ballasts significantly reduce installation cost. Traditional metal halide ballast typically consist of a core and coil, ignitor and capacitor that must be wired together while an electronic metal halide comes fully integrated in a single unit with a small footprint. Electronic metal halide ballasts also have also implemented a number of very advance features such as resonance start technology and crest factor control that extend lamp life and provide improved color uniformity. While the product cost of the electronic metal halide ballast are more expensive than traditional metal halide ballasts, costs have been rapidly declining. When reduction in installation cost and operating cost are considered, electronic metal halide ballasts are often a better choice in many installations especially in the 20 watt to 175 watt range. is proud to offer the best manufacturers in electronic metal halide ballasts to our customers.